14. IFIP Congress 1996: Canberra, Australia

Nobuyoshi Terashima, Edward Altman (Eds.): Advanced IT Tools, IFIP World Conference on IT Tools, 2-6 September 1996, Canberra, Australia. Chapman & Hall, 1996, ISBN 0-412-75560-2

Track One - Innovative Applications in the Public Sector

Part One - Enabling Technologies

Part Two - Applications 1

Part Three - Virtual Education

Part Four - Health Care and Technology

Part Five - Public Sector Information Systems

Part Six - Standardization

Track Two - Innovative Applications on the Horizon

Part One - Information Superhighway

Part Two - Information Spaces

Part Three - Applications 2

Part Four - Language Description

Part Five - Distributed Software

Part Six - Applications 3

Track Three - Intelligent Systems

Part One - Design Methodologies

Part Two - Agent Based CSCW Tools

Part Three - Management Systems

Part Four - Collaboration Tools

Part Five - Neural Networks

Part Six - CSCW Software Environments

Part Seven - Intelligent Tool Kits

Part Eight - Intelligent Systems

Part Nine - Information Systems

Part Ten - Multimedia Navigation

Part Eleven - Information Theory

Part Twelve - Data Compression Theory

Part Thirteen - Knowledge Engineering Tools

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