UKSim 2012: Cambridge, UK

Neural Networks

Evolutionary Computation

Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Re-enforcement Learning

Bio-informatics and Bio-engineering

Computational Finance and Economics

Data and Semantic Mining

Games, VR and Visualization

Intelligent Systems and Applications

Hybrid and Soft Computing

Control of Intelligent Systems and Control Intelligence

e-Science and e-Systems

Robotics, Cybernetics, Engineering, Manufacturing and Control

Methodologies, Tools and Operations Research

Discrete Event and Real Time Systems

Image, Speech and Signal Processing

Industry, Business, Management, Human Factors and Social Issues

Energy, Power, Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping and Marine Simulation

Parallel, Distributed and Software Architectures and Systems

Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies

Mobile/Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, Mobicast, Sensor Placement, Target Tracking

Performance Engineering of Computer & Communication Systems

Circuits, Sensors and Devices

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