3PGCIC 2013: Compiegne, France

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3PGCIC 2013

Session 1: Cloud Computing and Big Data Solutions

Session 2: P2P Computing

Session 3: Service-Based Computing, Semantics, and Frameworks

Session 4: Distributed Systems, Protocols, Optimization, and Applications

Session 5: High-Performance and Scalable Computing

Session 6: Parallel Computing

Session 7: Opportunistic Computing and Content Networks

Session 8: Social Networking, Virtual Organizations, and Groupware Systems

Session 9: Architectures and Performance Evaluation

Session 10: Intelligent Computing and Technology Convergence

Session 11: Cloud Computing and Security

Session 12: Security and Mobile Computing

Session 13: Authentication, Trust, and Encryption Techniques

Session 14: Intelligent Searching and Processing

BIDS 2013

CADSA 2013

Session 1: Cloud Computing Applications

Session 2: Semantic Technologies for the Cloud

CIDM 2013

Session 1: Computational Methods for Disaster Management and Threat Detection

DEM 2013

Session 1: Distributed Embedded Systems

HPCO 2013

Session 1: Load Balancing in Parallel Branch and Bound

Session 2: Parallel Optimization and Optimization for Parallel Computing

MiDiS 2013

Session 1: Large-Scale Distributed Systems


Session 1: Multimedia Systems and Applications

SCCG 2013

Session 1: Parallel Soft Computing Techniques for Optimization

Session 2: Parallel Techniques in GPU, Clusters, Grid, and Cloud

SMDMS 2013

Session 1: Stream Data Management Systems

Session 2: Stream Media Delivery

SMECS 2013

Session 1: Simulation, Modelling, and Performance

SNDE 2013

Session 1: Social Networks

Session 2: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

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