CIT 2005: Shanghai, China

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Keynote Speeches

Technical Sessions: Databases

Session A-1: Machine Learning

Session A-2: Database Applications

Session A-3: Database Technologies

Session A-4: Data Mining I

Session A-5: XML

Session A-6: Data Mining II

Technical Sessions: Web Data Processing

Session B-1: Web Data Management

Session B-2: Web Intelligence

Session B-3: Web Services

Technical Sessions: Cooperative Information and Grid Computing

Session C-1 Cooperative Information I

Session C-2: Distributed Data Storage

Session C-3: Grid Computing

Session C-4 Cooperative Information II

Technical Sessions: Networking and Mobile Computing

Session D-1: Mobile Computing I

Session D-2: Networking I

Session D-3: Wireless Networks

Session D-4: Wireless Networking

Session D-5: Mobile Computing II

Technical Sessions: Multimedia Processing

Session E-1: Human-Machine Interfaces

Session E-2: General Techniques and Algorithms I

Session E-3: Image Understanding

Session E-4: General Techniques and Algorithms II

Session E-5: Networked Multimedia

Technical Sessions: Information Security

Session F-1: Security Schemes and Protocol