AFIPS National Computer Conferences (AFIPS NCC)

American Federation of Information Processing Societies National Computer Conferences – AFIPS Fall Joint Computer Conference (AFIPS FJCC) – AFIPS Spring Joint Computer Conference (AFIPS SJCC)

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      AFIPS NCC 1984: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1983: Anaheim, California, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1982: Houston, Texas, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1981: Chicago, Illinois, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1980: Anaheim, California, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1978: Anaheim, California, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1977: Dallas, Texas, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1976: New York, NY, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1975: Anaheim, CA, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1974: Chicago, IL, USA

      AFIPS NCC 1973: New York ,NY, USA

      id="1972b">AFIPS FJCC 1972: Anaheim, CA, USA
      id="1972a">AFIPS SJCC 1972: Atlantic City, NJ, USA
      id="1971b">AFIPS FJCC 1971: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
      id="1971a">AFIPS SJCC 1971: Atlantic City, NJ, USA
      id="1970b">AFIPS FJCC 1970: Houston, Texas, USA
      id="1970a">AFIPS SJCC 1970: Atlantic City, NJ, USA
      id="1969b">AFIPS FJCC 1969: Vas Vegas, Nevada, USA
      id="1969a">AFIPS SJCC 1969: Boston, MA, USA
      id="1968b">AFIPS FJCC 1968: San Francisco, CA, USA
      id="1968a">AFIPS SJCC 1968: Atlantic City, NJ, USA
      id="1967b">AFIPS FJCC 1967: Anaheim, CA, USA
      id="1967a">AFIPS SJCC 1967: Atlantic City, NJ, USA
      id="1966b">AFIPS FJCC 1966: San Francisco, CA, USA
      id="1966a">AFIPS SJCC 1966: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

      AFIPS FJCC 1965: Las Vegas, NV, USA

      AFIPS FJCC 1964: San Francisco, CA, USA

      AFIPS SJCC 1964: Washington, DC, USA

      AFIPS FJCC 1963: Las Vegas, NV, USA

      AFIPS SJCC 1963: Detroit, MI, USA

      AFIPS FJCC 1962: Philadelphia, PA, USA

      AFIPS SJCC 1962: San Francisco, CA, USA

      AFIPS Eastern JCC 1961: Washington, DC, USA