2nd BIBE 2001: Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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Session BI 1: Interoperability of Biological Databases

Session Chair: George Karypis

Session BI 2: Phylogenetic Trees & Biological Information Sources

Session Chair: Louiqa Raschid

Session BI 3: Proteins & Structure Prediction

Session Chair: Arvind K. Bansal

Session BI 4: Gene Expression and Gene Regulation

Session Chair: Robert F. Murphy

Session BE 1: Brain Bio-Imaging

Session Chair: Nikolaos V. Tsekos

Session BI 5: Biological Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Session Chair: Zoé Lacroix

Session BE 2: Bio-Imaging

Session Chair: Ioannis Pavlidis

Session BI 6: Sequence Search and Alignment

Session Chair: Hasan M. Jamil

Session BE 3: Bioengineering

Session Chair: Lisa M. Bates
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