31st BNAIC / 28th BENELEARN 2019: Brussels, Belgium

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ML1: Applied Machine Learning

ML2: Deep Learning

AI1: Constraint Programming

RP1: Applied Machine Learning

RP2: Applications of Artificial Intelligence

ML3: Applied ML & Machine Learning for Medicine

AI2: AI For Health & Medicine

ML4: Supervised & Semi-Supervised Learning

AI3: Generative & Creative AI

AI4: Natural Language

RP3: Reinforcement Learning

RP4: Machine Learning for Bioinformatics & Life Science

ML5: Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning

ML6: Data & Network Mining

AI5: Knowledge Representation & Hybrid AI

RP5: Supervised & Semi-Supervised Learning, Classification

RP6: Agents & Multi-Agent Systems

BS1: Best Student Papers

AI6: Multi-Agent Systems

AI7: Explainability

RP7: Deep Learning

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