CIMCA/IAWTIC 2005: Vienna, Austria - Volume 2

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Crawlers, Searching and Web Data Mining

Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation

Neural Network System for Monitoring and Diagnosis

Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications

Multiobjective Multiconstraint Problem Solving

Intelligent Systems, Complex Problems and Innovative Solution

Wireless Systems and Innovative Application of Intelligent Agent Systems

Web Technologies and Its Applications

Innovative Applications of Support Vector Machine

Profiling and Knowledge Retrieval

Neural Networks Applications

Automation and Innovative Control Techniques

Clustering and Data Mining for Information Retrieval

Multimedia and Entertainment Systems

Knowledge Discovery, Simulation and Modelling

Simulation and Control

Neural Networks and Cognitive Science

Intelligent Control

Advanced Image Processing Techniques

Support Vector Machines and Intelligent Control

Mobile Agents Systems and Electronic Issues

Intelligent Agents and Ontology