43rd COMPSAC 2019: Milwaukee, WI, USA - Volume 2: COMPSAC 2019 Workshops

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ADMNET: Architecture, Design, Deployment & Management of Networks & Applications

AIML: Advances in AI and Machine Learning

SCA: Smart Computing & Applications

IEESD: Industrial Experience in Embedded Systems Design

DADA: Deep Analysis of Data Driven Applications

CDS: Consumer Devices & Systems

ESAS: E-Health Systems & Web Technologies

OER: Open Educational Resources

STA: Software Test Automation

MediComp: Medical Computing

NETSAP: Network Technologies for Security, Administration & Protection

WISH: Integrated Smart Healthcare

SAPSE: Security Aspects for Process & Services Engineering

InfoFlow: Information Flow Oriented Approaches in Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems

MVDA: Workshop on Modeling and Verifying Distributed Applications

STPSA: Security, Trust & Privacy for Software Applications

QUORS: Quality Oriented Reuse of Software

DFM: Data Flow Models and Extreme-Scale Computing

BDCAA: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Big Data Computation, Analysis, and Applications

SDIM: Secure Digital Identity Management