5. CrownCom 2010: Cannes, France

SENDORA: Design of Wireless Sensor Network based Cognitive Radio system

Systems Learning and Classification

Architectures for Cognitive Radio Testbeds and Demonstrators

MAC and Routing Strategies

Game Theory for Cognitive Wireless Networks

Research advances in Cognitive Radio Oriented Networks within the European Project CROWN

Optimized FFT and Bases Function Waveform Processing on Emerging Multi-Core Processors

Cognitive Coding Cooperation and Competition in Wireless Networks

Architectures, measurements, modeling and performance evaluation tools

Filter Bank Multi Carrier PHY versos OFDM for Unsynchronized Cognitive Radio Networks

Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio

Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Resource allocation and Interference Management Strategies

Network Design and Optimization

Spectrum Sharing

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