AlgoSyn 2010: Dagstuhl, Germany

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GRK 643: Software for Mobile Communication Systems

GRK 1042: Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces

GRK 1076/3: TrustSoft

GRK 1194: Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks

GRK 1298: Algorithmic Synthesis of Reactive and Discrete-Continuous Systems (AlgoSyn)

GRK 1324: Model-Based Development of Self-Organizing Information-Systems for Disaster Management (METRIK)

GRK 1362: Cooperative, Adaptive and Responsive Monitoring in Mixed-Mode Environments

GRK 1387/1: dIEM oSiRiS - Integrative Development of Modeling and Simulation Methods for Regenerative Systems

GRK 1424: Multimodal Smart Appliance Ensembles for Mobile Applications(MuSAMA)

GRK 1480: Programm- und Modell-Analyse (PUMA)

GRK 1487: Self-organized Mobile Communication Systems for Disaster Scenarios

International Graduate School: Dynamic Intelligent Systems

Research College: Service-Oriented Systems Engineering