DSN 2014: Atlanta, GA, USA

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DSN 2014

Best Paper Award Session

Session 1A: Identifying Malicious Activity

Session 1B: Networking

Session 2A: Software Vulnerabilities

Session 2B: Cyber-Physical Systems

Session 3A: Apps Attacks

Session 3B: Memory

Session 4A: Cloud Computing

Session 4B: Social and Online Services

Session 5A: State Machine Replication

Session 5B: Faults

Session 6A: Databases and Storage

Session 6B: GPUs

Session 7A: System Configuration and Provisioning

Session 7B: Formal Methods

Session 8A: System and Component Reliability

Session 8B: Miscellaneous

Session 9: Failure Analysis and Assurance

The Fourth International Workshop on Dependability of Clouds, Data Centers and Virtual Machine Technology (DCDV 2014)

(DCDV 2014) Session 1: Cloud Dependability

Session 2: Dependability Evaluation

The First International Workshop on Dependability and Security of System Operation (DSSO 2014)

(DSSO 2014) Session 1: Error Detection and Diagnosis

Session 2: Design Strategies for Dependability

The Fourth Fault Tolerance for HPC at eXtreme Scale (FTXS) Workshop 2014

Session 1: Checkpoint/Restart Modeling and Message Logging

Session 2: Application and Algorithm Resiliency

Session 3: Hardware - Reliability Studies and Tailored Resilience Techniques

Session 4: Resiliency in HPC Messaging

The First International Workshop on Trustworthiness of Smart Grids (ToSG 2014)

(ToSG 2014) Session


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