FCST 2010: Changchun, Jilin Province, China

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Pervasive, Grid, P2P, and Cloud Computing

Embedded Computing and Systems

Database and Data Management


Network and Internet Computing

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Computing

Reliability, Fault Tolerance, and Distributed Transaction Processing

Security and Trustworthy Computing

Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications

Theoretical Computer Science

System Software and Software Engineering

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction

Workshop on Wireless Computing and Networking (WCN)

Workshop on Enabling Technology for e-Science (ETS)

Workshop on Bioinformatics and System Biology (BSB)

Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Intelligence Computing (WPRIC)

Workshop on Image Processing and Information Security (WIPIS)

Workshop on Intelligent Information Processing (WIIP)

Workshop in Assisted Engineering and Information Technologies (WAEIT)

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