ICCAD 2010: San Jose, California, USA

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Fast and Accurate System Estimation, Evaluation, and Optimization

Manufacturing-Aware Design

Analog and Mixed Signal Verification and Optimization

Designing for Uncertainty: Addressing Process Variations and Aging Issues in Digital Systems

Design-Aware Manufacturing

Advances in Embedded Systems and FPGA Synthesis

Enhancing Test for Delays and Opens under Power-Sensitive Conditions

Reliability Analysis and Optimization at System Level: A Straddle between Complexity and Accuracy

Advanced Scheduling for Memory Systems

Making Critical Decision on Power in Physical Synthesis

Advances in Yield and Quality Analysis

Analog Challenges in Nanometer CMOS and Digitalization of Analog Functionality

Design Optimization for Power-Efficient Synchronous and Asynchronous Systems

Improving Simulation Performance

Advances in Global Routing

System Level Design - An Industrial Perspective

System-Level Static and Dynamic Low Power Design

Leveraging Logics, Wire and 3D for Physical Synthesis

Beyond-Die Designs: Solutions and Challenges

Advances in Biological and Post-CMOS Systems

Pushing Clock Distribution Performance

3D-ICs and Detection of Faults and Hardware Trojans

Organic Electronics

Advances in Timing Analysis

Parallel Methods for Power Grid and Interconnect Analysis

Physical Design for Manufacturability and Variability

Digital Microfluidic Biochips: A Vision for Functional Diversity and More than Moore

Advances in Core Logic Synthesis

Routing - Theory and Practice

Power Optimization from Systems to Circuits

Manufacturing, CAD and Thermal-Aware Architectures for 3-D MPSoCs

Algorithms for Placement: Full House

Analysis and Algorithms for Design and Test in 3D and Many-Core Systems

Advanced Analysis of Circuit/Device Reliability