11th ICDE 1995: Taipei, Taiwan

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Data Mining and Information Discovery

Performance Evaluation

Industrial Session on Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems

Query Processing in OODBMS

Active Databases

Fuzzy and Proximity Query

Change Management

Industrial Session on Database Server

Query Optimization

Temporal and Sequence Databases

Interoperable Systems

Application Systems

Transaction Management

Object-Oriented Systems

Industrial Session on Global Infobusiness in Asia

High Performance and Parallel Systems

Database Modelling

Access Methods and Caching

Multimedia Servers

Logic and AI

Integration of Heterogeneous Systems

Sampling and Compression

Industrial Session on Information Software

Tutorial Program

1) Arif Ghafoor (Purdue University): Multimedia Database Systems.

2) C. Mohan (IBM Almaden): High Performance Transaction Processing.

3) Christos Faloutsos (University of Maryland): Indexing Multimedia Databases.

4) Ming-Syan Chen, Hui-I Hsiao (IBM Watson): Query Processing in Parallel Database Systems.

5) Dik L. Lee (Ohio State University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Implementation of Document Retrieval Systems.

6) Amit Sheth (University of Georgia): Multidatabase Interoperation: Perspectives of Researchers and Practitioners.

7) Hanan Samet (University of Maryland): Spatial Databases.

8) JiaWei Han (Simon Fraser University, Canada): From Database Systems to Knowledge-Base Systems: An Evolutionary Approach.

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