18th ICDM 2018: Singapore - Workshops

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ADMiS 2018: First IEEE International Workshop on Adapting Data Mining for Security

BlockSEA 2018: 1st Workshop on Blockchain and Sharing Economy Applications

BSDM 2018: Blockchain Systems for Decentralized Mining

CDEC: 1st International Workshop on Cross-disciplinary Data Exchange and Collaboration

DaMNet 2018: The Eighth IEEE ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks

Deep Learning and Tensor/Matrix Decomposition for Applications in Neuroscience

DEEP 2018: Workshop on Data Mining for eLearning Personalization

DELL: The First International Workshop on Developmental Learning

DGCC 2018: International Workshop on Data-driven Granular Cognitive Computing

DINA 2018: 4th Workshop on Data Integration and Applications

DIT 2018: 1st Workshop on Data-driven Intelligent Transportation

DLC 2018: Workshop on Deep Learning and Clustering

DMBIH 2018: Sixth Workshop on Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics and Healthcare

DMESS 2018: Eighth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science

DMS 2018: IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Service