14th ICNC-FSKD 2018: Huangshan, China

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Natural Computation: Theory and Algorithms Feedforward Neural Networks

Feedforward Neural Networks

Support Vector Machines and Statistical Neural Network Models

Principal and Independent Component Analysis

Self-Organizing Maps

Other Theoretical Topics in Neural Computation

Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms

Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization

Multi-Objective Optimization

Nonlinear Phenomena, Chaos, Complex Networks and Systems

Intelligent Agents

Molecular and DNA Computing

Other Topics in Natural Computation Theory and Algorithms

Natural Computation Applications

Natural Computation in Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics

Natural Computation in Robotics and Control

Natural Computation in Signal Processing and Multimedia

Other Natural Computation Applications

Fuzzy Theory and Algorithms

Fuzzy Theory and Models

Rough Set

Soft Computing and Granular Computation

Fuzzy Applications

Fuzzy Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics

Fuzzy Optimization, Design, and Modeling

Uncertainty Management

Other Fuzzy Applications