5th ICSAI 2018: Nanjing, China

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Control and Automation Systems

Control System Theory

Control System Applications

Computer Vision


Other Topics in Computer Control and Robotics

Power and Energy Systems

Modeling, Control and Diagnostics of Power Systems

Power Electronics

Wind, Solar and Nuclear Energy

Smart Grids and Power Management

Other Topics in Power and Energy Systems

Intelligent Systems

Pattern Recognition

Agent and Autonomous Systems

Knowledge Engineering

Computational Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent System Applications

Other Topics in Intelligent Systems

Computer Systems and Applications

Distributed Systems, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, and Services Computing

Parallel Computing

Real-Time and Embedded Systems


Computers in Industry and Manufacturing

Computers in Education and Learning Technologies

Computers in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

Computers in Transportation

Computational Sciences and Engineering

Scientific and Engineering Modeling and Simulations

Computer Applications in Other Areas