33rd ICSE 2011: Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Technical / Research Track

Testing the waters I

Surfing the dependability wave

Refactoring your Lei I

Comprehending the drift I

Debugging the surf

Empirical luau I

Far-out surfware engineering

Riding the design wave I

Program surfing I

Developer waves

Outrigger models and clones

Surfer model checking

Comprehending the drift II

Testing the waters II

Riding the design wave II

Refactoring your lei II

Empirical luau II

Program surfing II

Comprehending the drift III

Web surfing

Testing the waters III


Software Engineering in Practice

Empirical software engineering

Industry software architecture

Software engineering at large

Software metrics

Software testing and analysis

Tools and environments

New Ideas and Emerging Results



Tools & languages



Verification 1


Testing & debugging

Program analysis 1

Design traceability

Modeling (or not)

Empirical SE

Program analysis 2