10. IMIS 2016: Fukuoka, Japan

IMIS 2016

Session 1: Context and Location-Aware Computing

Session 2: Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 3: Security and Privacy

Session 4: Multimedia Systems and Applications

Session 5: Energy Saving and Intelligent Computing

Session 6: Big Data and Data Management

Session 7: Wireless and Mobile Networks


Session 1: Next Generation Network Applications


2016 Session 1: Security and Anomaly Detection

esIoT 2016

Session 1: Internet of Things and Smart Homes

FIMIS 2016

Session 1: Innovative Internet Service and Technologies

FINGNet 2016

Session 1: Security Issues and Networks

Session 2: Health and Video Streaming Services

ITAUC 2016

Session 1: Intelligent Techniques and Algorithms

MCNCS 2016

Section 1: Network Applications and Security

PIS-PIS 2016

Session 1: Security for Public Internet Services


Session 1: Knowledge Learning and Service Innovation

Session 2: Sustainability Management for e-Business and Professional Associations

Session 3: Ubiquitous Commerce and Operation Management

WAIS 2016

Session 1: Secure Systems

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