INCoS 2011: Fukuoka, Japan

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Conference Regular Papers

Ad-hoc Networks

Social Networks

Evolutionary Computation and Meta-heuristics


Security in Mobile and Wireless Systems

Sensor Networks

Cloud and Grid Computing

Secure Systems

Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks

Distributed Architectures

Collaborative and Intelligent Systems

Wireless Communication Systems

Authentication and Signatures

Optimization and Fairness

Network Protocols, Algorithms, and Search

Poster Session

The 13th International Symposium on Multimedia Network Systems and Applications (MNSA 2011)

Wireless Networks

P2P Networks

Secure Algorithms and Systems

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Authentication Systems

Authentication Systems

Distributed Platforms and Algorithms

Performance Evaluation

Cloud Computing

Antenna and Wave Propagation

Image and Sound Processing Systems

Multimedia Tools and Techniques

The Fourth International Workshop on Information Network Design (WIND 2011)

Network Design Method

Network Architecture

Network Performance

Third International Workshop on Managing Insider Security Threats (MIST 2011)

Keynote and Invited Paper

Managing Insider Threats

Cryptographic Technologies for Managing Insider Threats