ECST 1987: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Please note that the pages were renumbered with respect to the printed proceedings. The printed proceedings appeared in two volumes with separate page numberings. These numberings were converted in this archive. So, page 1043 means volume 1, page 43, and page 2423 means volume 2, page 423.

Continuous Speech Systems

Text-to-Speech Systems

Speech Analysis

Formant Analysis and Tracking

Text-to-Speech Systems

Speech Modelling

Phonetic Decoding

Speech Recognition

Signal Processing

Large Vocabulary Systems

Evaluation: Synthesis

Speech Enhancement

Prosodic Analysis

Knowledge-Based Systems

Morphology and Phonology

Formant Analysis and Tracking

Medical Applications

Speech Synthesis

Signal Processing


Phonetic Processing

Linguistic Processing

Pitch Tracking

Aids for the Deaf


Acoustic Analysis




Speech Recognition