ISITA 2018: Singapore

Mo-AM-1-1: Deletion/DNA Codes

Mo-AM-1-2: Machine Learning (Invited Session)

Mo-AM-1-3: Statistical Analysis

Mo-AM-1-4: Signature Schemes

Mo-PM-1-1: Index/Network Coding

Mo-PM-1-2: Non-Asymptotic Information Theory (Invited Session)

Mo-PM-1-3: Communication Systems

Mo-PM-1-4: Security Models and Protocols

Mo-PM-2-1: Lattice and Closest Vector Problem

Mo-PM-2-2: Cryptographic Protocols (1)

Mo-PM-2-3: Graph-Based Analysis / Network Coding

Mo-PM-2-4: Error Probability Analysis

Tu-AM-1-1: Erasure Correction

Tu-AM-1-2: Practical Security

Tu-AM-1-3: Quantum Information (1)

Tu-AM-1-4: Shannon Theory

Tu-PM-1-1: LDPC Codes

Tu-PM-1-2: Post-Quantum Cryptography (Invited Session)

Tu-PM-1-3: Applications of Information Theory

Tu-PM-1-4: Compressed Sensing

Tu-PM-2-1: Polar Codes

Tu-PM-2-2: Symmetric Key Cryptography

Tu-PM-2-3: Quantum Information (2)

Tu-PM-2-4: Sequences

We-AM-1-1: Coding for Various Models

We-AM-1-2: Cryptographic Protocols (2)

We-AM-1-3: Data Compression

We-AM-1-4: Multiuser Information Theory

We-PM-1-1: Bounds and Metrics

We-PM-1-2: Cryptanalysis

We-PM-1-3: Data Compression and Related Topics

We-PM-1-4: Information Theoretic Security / Multiterminal