23rd ITiCSE 2018: Larnaca, Cyprus

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Session 1A: CS1/CS2

Session 1B: Artificial Intelligence

Session 2A: Assessment for CS1

Session 2B: K-12

Session 3A: Assessment

Session 3B: K-12: Outreach

Session 3C: Project-Based Learning

Session 4A: Discrete Structures

Session 4B: Teaching Programming

Session 4C: Educational Tools

Session 5A: Cyber-Security

Session 5B: Problem Solving

Session 6A: e-Learning and Distance Learning

Session 7A: Gender, Diversity, and Societal Aspects

Session 7B: Alternative Approaches to CS Education

Session 7C: Industry Engagement

Session 8A: Motivation, Engagement, and Retention

Session 8B: Instructional Approaches

Session 8C: Collaborative Partnerships

Session 1C: Working Groups 1

Session 2C: Tips, Techniques, and Courseware 1

Session 5C: Panel

Session 6B: Working Groups 2

Session 6C: Tips, Techniques, and Courseware 2

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