KES 2006: Bournemouth, UK

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Chance Discovery

Context Aware Evolvable and Adaptable Systems and Their Applications

Advanced Groupware and Network Services

Computational Methods for Intelligent Neuro-fuzzy Applications

Intelligent Information Processing for Remote Sensing

Evolutionary and Self-organising Sensors, Actuators and Processing Hardware

Human Intelligent Technology

Connectionist Models and Their Applications

Intelligent and Cognitive Communication Systems

Innovations in Intelligent Agents and Applications

Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Classification in Astrophysical and Medical Images

Intelligent Multimedia Solutions and Security in the Next Generation Mobile Information Systems

Engineered Applications of Semantic Web - SWEA

Intelligent Techniques in the Stock Market

Soft Computing Techniques and Their Applications

Human Computer Intelligent Systems

Recommender Agents and Adaptive Web-Based Systems

Intelligent Data Analysis for Complex Environments

Creativity Support Systems

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Power Electronic

Soft Computing Approaches to Management Engineering