18th MDM 2017: Daejeon, South Korea

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Research Paper Track

Research Session 1: Location Services

Research Session 2: Mobile Data Processing

Research Session 3: Spatial+X Query Processing

Research Session 4: Ride Sharing and Recommendations

Research Session 5: Traffic Data Mining

Research Session 6: Connected Vehicles

Research Session 7: Localization and Traffic Analysis

Research Session 8: Trip Planning

Research Session 9: Trajectory Mining

Industry Paper Track

Industry Track Session 1: Foundation Systems for Interactivity and Data Mobility

Industry Track Session 2: Intelligent Data Retrieval with Human Mobility and Fuzziness

Poster and Demo Track



The 2nd International Workshop on Spatial/Temporal Information Extraction from Unstructured Texts (WSTIE 2017)

Session 1: Invited Talk

Session 2: Temporal/Spatial Information

Session 3: Temporal/Spatial Pattern Recognition

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