5. QSIC 2005: Melbourne, Australia



Session 1A: Software Testing I

Session 1B: Software Quality

Session 2A: Software Modeling and Testing

Session 2B Web-Based Development

Session 3A: Formal Methods

Session 3B: Software Components

Session 4A: Software Architecture

Session 4B: Database Modeling and Applications

Session 5A: Requirements Engineering

Session 5B: Software Testing II

Session 6A: Software Metrics and Tools

Session 6B: Real-Time Applications

First International Workshop on Education and Training for Quality Software Engineering (ETQSE 2005)

First International Workshop on Grid and Peer-to-Peer Based Workflows (GPWW 2005)

First International Workshop on Integration of Software Engineering and Agent Technology (ISEAT 2005)

First International Workshop on Services Engineering (SEIW 2005)

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