International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering (RIDE)

15th RIDE-SDMA 2005: Tokyo, Japan

14th RIDE WS-ECEG 2004: Boston, MA, USA

13th RIDE 2003: Hyderabad, India

12th RIDE 2002: San Jose, USA

11th RIDE 2001: Heidelberg, Germany

10th RIDE 2000: San Diego, CA, USA

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9th RIDE 1999: Sydney, Australia

8th RIDE 1998: Orlando, Florida

7th RIDE 1997: Birmingham, England

6th RIDE-NDS 1996

5th RIDE-DOM 1995

4th RIDE-ADS 1994

Jennifer Widom: Research Issues in Active Database Systems: Report from the Closing Panel at RIDE-ADS '94. SIGMOD Record 23(3): 41-43 (September 1994)

3rd RIDE-IMS 1993

2nd RIDE-TQP 1992

1st RIDE-IMS 1991

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