23rd SEKE 2011: Miami Beach, FL, USA

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Slow Intelligence System

Software Quality

Model-Driven Development

Software Engineering with Comp. Intelligence & Machine Learning

Formal Methods

Concurrent Software

Knowledge Engineering Tools and Techniques

Semantic Web Technologies

Software Testing and Debugging

Automated Software Testing

Software Engineering Case Studies and Experience Reports

Embedded, Pervasive, and Ubiquitous Software

Software Project Management

Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Representation and Visualization

Web and Data Mining

Ontologies and Methodologies

Software Maintenance and Evolution

Measurement & Empirical Soft. Engineering

Component-Based Software Engineering

Adaptive and Self-Managing Software

Service-Oriented Architecture

Agile-Based Software Engineering

Software Engineering Tools and Environments

Software Dependability and Reliability

Software Process Modeling & Maturity

Software Security

Software Product Lines and Tools

Software Requirements Engineering