37th SIGIR 2014: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

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Athena award lecture

Session 1a: risks and rewards

Session 1b: #microblog #sigir2014

Session 1c: recommendation

Session 2a: (i can't get no) satisfaction

Session 2b: doctors and lawyers

Session 2c: hashing and efficiency

Session 3a: Social media

Session 3b: indexing and efficiency

Session 3c: e pluribus unum

Plenary address

Session 4a: think globally, act locally

Session 4b: scientia potentia est

Session 4c: more hashing

Session 5a: brains!!!

Session 5b0: auto-completio

Session 5b1: how to win friends and influence people

Session 5c: collaborative complex personalization

Plenary address

Session 6a: #moremicroblog #sigir2014

Session 6b: scents and sensibility

Session 6c: users vs. models

Session 7a: sentiments

Session 7b: more like those

Session 7c: signs and symbols

Session 8a: picture this

Session 8b: time and tide

Session 8c0: summaries and semantics

Session 8C1: [citation] recommendation

Poster session (short papers)