10. ILPS 1993, Workshop 4: Structural Complexity and Recursion-Theoretic Methods in Logic Programming

This half-day workshop is devoted to analysing all aspects of logic programs and deductive databases from the complexity and recursion-theoretic perspective. Authors are encouraged to submit papers -- perhaps more specialized than the papers normally accepted by symposia and conferences on Logic Programming, as well as papers discussing research in progress -- devoted to the area. Specific examples of topics include, but are not limited to: expressive power, deductive computational complexity, tractible fragments, representative fragments, linear/mathematical programming techniques, and topological and game-theoretic approaches.

Organizers: Victor Marek (University of Kentucky, USA) Howard A. Blair (Syracuse University, USA) Anil Nerode (Cornell University, USA) Jeffrey Remmel (University of California at San Diego, USA)

Contact person: Victor Marek

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