SoCC 2009: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Plenary Session

Session WA1: FPGA Design Methodologies

Session WA2 - PLL and Clocks

Session WA3 - Reconfigurable Architectures

Session WB1 - A/D Converters

Session WB2 - Embedded Systems, Multi Core, and Embedded Memory

Session WB3 - Low-Power Circuits and Architectures

Session TA1 - Circuits for RF and Wireless

Session TA2 - NoC Power and Data Flow Optimization

Session TA3 - Design for Testability and Verification

Poster Session

Analog and Mixed Signals

RF and Wireless

Embedded Systems, Multi Core, and Embedded Memory

Low Power


Audio and Video Processing

Network on Chip and Interconnect

System Level Design Methodology

Reconfigurable and Programmable Circuits and Systems, FPGAs


Session TB1 - Analog Circuit Techniques

Session TB2 - System Level Design for Manufacturing

Session TB3 - Data Processing Architectures

Session FA1 - Low-Power Design Methodologies and IP Cores

Session FA2 - NoC Design Tools and Digital Signal Processing

Session FB1 - System Level Architecture Exploration

Session FB2 - Imaging and Video Processing


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