31st UIST 2018: Berlin, Germany

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Keynote & Invited Talks

Session 1: Controlling and Collaborating in VR

Session 2: Human-Robot Symbiosis

Session 3: Fabrication

Session 4: Crowds and Human-AI Partnership

Session 5: Sensing and Acoustics

Session 6: Visualizations in 2D and 3D

Session 7: Sensing in the Small Scale

Session 8: Authoring, Reading and Writing

Session 9: Electronics

Session 10: Navigation

Session 11: Mobile Interactions

Session 12: Modeling and Animation

Session 13: Bodies and Sensing

Session 14: Novel Haptics

Session 15: Touch Interaction

Session 16: VR Interaction Techniques

Session 17: Haptics and VR

Session 18: Web

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