WCNC 2015: New Orleans, LA, USA

5GArch 2015: 5G Architecture

Interference and mobility management in 5G

Novel Architectural design and optimization for 5G

E2IoT 2015: Energy Efficiency in the Internet of Things, and Internet of Things for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Techniques in IoT

Energy Efficiency Solutions and IoT Applications

Optimizations in MAC layer for Energy Efficiency and Security

NGWiFi 2015: Next Generation WiFi Technology

QoS and Resource Management

MAC Technologies

PHY Technologies

SmartSpectrum 2015: International Workshop on Smart Spectrum

Spectrum utilization database techniques

Poster session

Spectrum measurements

Cognitive radio networks and dynamic spectrum access

So-HetNets 2015: Self-Organizing Heterogeneous Networks

WDPC 2015: 2nd International Workshop on Device-to-Device and Public Safety Communications

Resource Allocation and Management

Emerging Architectures

Channel Modeling and Interference Management

WDN-CN 2015: 8th International Wireless Distributed Networks Workshop on Cooperative and Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

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