Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 78

Volumes 78, Part 1, January 2018

Regular papers Special Section on Cloud Forward: From Distributed to Complete Computing Special Section On High Performance Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems (HPS-HDS) Special Section On Recommender Systems for Large-Scale Social Networks

Volumes 78, Part 2, January 2018

Regular papers Special Section On Internet of Things Security and Forensics: Challenges and Opportunities by Mauro Conti , Ali Dehghantanha , Katrin Franke , Steve Watson Special Section On Internet-of-Things and Big Data for Smarter Healthcare: From Device to Architecture, Applications and Analytics by Farshad Firouzi, Amir M. Rahmani, K. Mankodiya , M. Badaroglu , G. V. Merrett, P. Wong, Bahar Farahani Special Section On A Foggy Research Future: Advances and Future Opportunities in Fog Computing Research

Volumes 78, Part 3, January 2018

Regular papers Special Section On Internet of Things: Security and Privacy in a Connected World by Jin Li, Qiben Yan, Victor Chang Special Section on Cloud Storage Services for File Synchronization and Sharing in Science and Education by Jakub Tomasz Moscicki, Luca Mascetti
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