How to use the dblp search?

The dblp search page is intended to help users to find author profiles, conferences, journals, or individual publications in the database. It also assists users in navigating through the dblp web pages quickly.

Quick help

prefix searchdefault"sig" matches "SIGIR" as well as "signal"
exact wordappend dollar sign ($)"graph$" matches "graph", but not "graphics"
boolean ANDseparate words by space"codd model" matches "Codd's Relational Model" and "A Model by Codd"
boolean ORconnect words by pipe symbol (|)"graph|network" matches "graph algorithm" and "Network Analysis"

Please note that we had to disable the phrase search operator (.) and the boolean not operator (-) due to technical problems. Phrase search queries will now yield regular prefix search result, and search terms preceded by a minus will now be interpreted as regular (positive) search terms.

Search queries

By default, the search engine tries to match each search term as a case-insensitive prefix of a term in the potential search results. If multiple search terms are given (separated by white spaces), then potential search results do only match if all of the given search term prefixes match.


The search is insensitive to diacritics. That is, the search will consider all characters that correspond to the same latin base glyph as the same character.


All non-character symbols (which do not have a given meaning like the special characters given in the table above) are ignored when searching. The only notable exception is the hyphen (-) which will only match results where the hyphenated search terms show up next to each other in the given order.


More complex can be made using the special symbols given in the table at the top of this page..

Search results

Results from a dblp search can be either a link to an author's or venue's profile page on dblp, or a list of matching publications. By default, the search will show a combined result view for all those result types.

If you wish to perform a search for a particular result type only (such as "only for author profiles" or "only for publications") you can choose your preferred default search action from the pull down menu next to the search input field. If you allow for cookies from the dblp website, then your choice will be stored between sessions.

For bandwidth reasons, all searches will show a maximum of 1000 search results. In such a case, please refine your query.

Advanced search options

To do.

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