Why has dblp stopped indexing this venue?

In general, dblp chooses the journals or conference series it indexes mainly based on the scientific relevance of a venue to the core international computer science community. Beside the scientific merit, technical aspects such as the availability of processable high-quality meta data have to be considered, too. Once we have chosen to index a journal or conference series, we usually try to index all upcoming and past volumes of this venue.

However, we have a rather small team of metadata editors and a pretty rigorous process of quality checking all new additions to dblp, and each day a huge amount of new scholarly works is released to the public. Since our resources are limited, we inevitably have to select and prioritize some possible additions over another. This also means that we sometimes have to reconsider and stop indexing already covered venues in order to reassign our resources for the best benefit of the computer science community. Whenever we do so, we will add a note to the overview page of the journal or conference series to communicate this fact clearly to our users.

Please be aware that if a venue is marked with such a note then this does not necessarily mean that we will not eventually continue indexing the venue at some later date. But it certainly means that we have currently no plans of doing so.

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