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  • — disambiguation page
    aka: Hai-Tao Wang
  • [0000-0001-8134-7409]
    University of Utah, School of Computing, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Wuhan, China

  • Oper. Work Area, Yanzhou, Datong Min. Ltd. Co., Datong, China

  • Beijing Institute of Satellite Information Engineering, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0003-3704-9214]
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

  • Samsung Research Center, Beijing

  • Chinese Acadademy of Science, Institute of Automation, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Beijing, China

  • Army Engineering University of PLA, Nanjing, China

  • Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Computing Technology, Beijing, China

  • Nanjing University, China

  • National Fundamental Software of China, Ltd.(NFS-China), Beijing, China

  • Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China

  • Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, China

  • Chinese Acadademy of Science, Institute of Mechanics, Urumchi, China

  • Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunications, China

  • Institute of Geospatial Information, Information Engineering University, Zhengzhou, China

  • Space Star Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing, China

  • China National Institute of Standardization, China

  • Soochow University, Suzhou, China
  • [0000-0003-1312-6414]
    Anhui University of Technology, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Special Heavy Load Robot, Ma'anshan, China
  • [0000-0002-8205-8067]
    Guilin University of Electronic Technology, School of Information and Communication, Guilin, China
  • [0000-0002-6775-0346]
    Shandong Normal University, School of Information Science and Engineering, Jinan, China
  • [0000-0002-2277-2533]
    Nanjing Audit University Jinshen College, School of Information Science and Engineering, Nanjing, China
  • [0000-0001-5226-5121]
    Linyi Central Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Shandong, China
  • [0000-0002-8394-6410]
    Sun Yat-sen University, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Guangzhou, China
  • [0000-0002-5247-7447]
    Southeast University, School of Electrical Engineering, Nanjing, China
  • [0000-0002-7889-4206]
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Institute of Natural Sciences, Shanghai, China
  • [0000-0002-5297-9543]
    aka: Hai-Tao Wang 0029
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation, State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems, Beijing, China
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