32nd AINA 2018: Krakow, Poland - Workshops

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Network Applications (FINA-2018)

Session 1: Multimedia and Network-Based Applications

Session 2: Distributed and Parallel Computing

Session 3: Cloud and Grid Computing

The 14th International Workshop on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWISE-2018)

Session 1: Mobile Communication Systems and Networking

Session 2: Next Generation Networks

Enhancement of Wireless Networks (PAEWN-2018)

Session 1: Network Performance Analysis and Enhancement

The 11th International Symposium on Mining and Web (MAW-2018)

Session 1: Collaborative and Secure Systems

The 12th International Workshop on Bio and Intelligent Computing (BICom-2018)

Session 1: Intelligent Systems and Algorithms

Session 2: Bio-Computing and Machine Learning

The 12th International Workshop on Telecommunication Networking, Applications and Systems (TeNAS-2018)

Session 1: Wireless and Mobile Technology

The 6th International Workshop on Collaborative Enterprise Systems (COLLABES-2018)

Session 1: Collaborative Systems and Applications

The International Workshop on Cloud Computing Project and Initiatives (CCPI-2018)

Session 1: Smart Platforms I

Session 2: Smart Platforms II

Session 3: Cloud Federations, Big Data, Edge and IoT

Session 4: Cloud Management

The 6th International Workshop on Network and System Management and Monitoring (NetSMM-2018)

Session 1: Network Monitoring and Management

The 5th International Workshop on Security Intricacies in Cyber-Physical Systems and Services (INTRICATE-SEC-2018)

Session 1: Authentication and Cryptography

Session 2: Security and Privacy

The 5th International Workshop on Energy-Aware Systems, Communications and Security (EASyCoSe-2018)

Session 1: Green Distributed Organizations and Monitoring Solutions

Session 2: Security Issues in the Internet of Things and Smart Solutions

The 3rd International Workshop on Innovative Technologies in Informatics and Networking (WITIN-2018)

Session 1: Image Recognition and Object Detection

Session 2: Multimedia Data Analysis

The 3rd International Workshop on Big Data Processing in Online Social Network (BOSON-2018

Session 1: Distributed Computing Methods and Applications

Session 2: Modeling and Simulation of Big Data Processing