Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)

International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR)

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  • has part: International Workshop on Automated Reasoning: Challenges, Applications, Directions, Exemplary Achievements (ARCADE)
  • has part: International Workshop on Automated Reasoning in Quantified Non-Classical Logics (ARQNL)
  • has part: International Workshop on Hammers for Type Theories (HaTT)
  • has part: Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (PAAR)
  • has part: Workshop on Logics for Reasoning about Preferences, Uncertainty, and Vagueness (PRUV)
  • has part: International Workshop on Unification (UNIF)

CADE Home Page

28th CADE 2021: Virtual Event

10th IJCAR 2020: Paris, France

27th CADE 2019: Natal, Brazil

9th IJCAR 2018: Oxford, UK

26th CADE 2017: Gothenburg, Sweden

8th IJCAR 2016: Coimbra, Portugal

25th CADE 2015: Berlin, Germany

7th IJCAR 2014: Vienna, Austria

24th CADE 2013: Lake Placid, NY, USA

6th IJCAR 2012: Manchester, UK

23rd CADE 2011: Wroclaw, Poland

5th IJCAR 2010: Edinburgh, UK

22nd CADE 2009: Montreal, Canada

4th IJCAR 2008: Sydney, NSW, Australia

21st CADE 2007: Bremen, Germany

3rd IJCAR 2006: Seattle, WA, USA

20th CADE 2005: Tallinn, Estonia

2nd IJCAR 2004: Cork, County Cork, Ireland

19th CADE 2003: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

18th CADE 2002: Copenhagen, Denmark

CADE 2002 was be part of FLoC 2002

1st IJCAR 2001: Siena, Italy

CADE 2001 is fusioned into IJCAR 2001

4th International Workshop on Strategies in Automated Deduction (STRATEGIES 2001)

17th CADE 2000: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Type-theoretic Languages: Proof search and Semantics: ENTCS 37

16th CADE 1999: Trento, Italy

15th CADE 1998: Lindau, Germany

Proof Search in Type-theoretic Languages: ENTCS 17

14th CADE 1997: Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

13th CADE 1996: New Brunswick, NJ, USA

12th CADE 1994: Nancy, France

11th CADE 1992: Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

10th CADE 1990: Kaiserslautern, Germany

9th CADE 1988: Argonne, Illinois, USA

8th CADE 1986: Oxford, England

7th CADE 1984: Napa, California, USA

6th CADE 1982: New York, USA

5th CADE 1980: Les Arcs, France

4th CADE 1979: Austin, Texas, USA

3rd CADE 1977: MIT, USA

2nd CADE 1976: Oberwolfach, Germany

1st CADE 1974: Argonne National Laboratory, USA

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