CBMS 2007: Maribor, Slovenia

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Invited Speaker

GS1: Software Systems in Medicine

GS2: Computer Aided Diagnosis

GS3: Knowledge Based Systems

GS4: Signal and Image Processing in Medicine

GS5: Bioinformatics

GS6: Medical Image Segmentation

GS7: Medical Databases and Information Systems

ST1: Affective Computing

ST2: Bioinformatics and its Medical Applications

ST3: Computational Proteomics: Management and Analysis of Proteomics Data

ST4: Data Mining

ST5: Grids for Biomedicine and Bioinformatics

ST6: Healthcare Knowlege Management

ST7: Machine Learning and Management of Health-Care Procedural Knowledge

ST8: Ontologies for Biomedical Systems

ST9: Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education