27th CCS 2020: Virtual Event, USA

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Keynote Talk I

Session 1A: Anonymous Routing and Censorship

Session 1B: Attacking and Defending ML Systems

Session 1C: Binary Analysis/Policy and Access Control

Session 1D: Applied Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

Session 1E: Cyberphysical Systems

Session 2A: ML and Information Leakage

Session 2B: Applied Cryptography

Session 2C: Browser Security

Session 2D: Mobile Security

Session 2E: Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies

Session 3A: Privacy

Session 3B: Malware

Session 3C: Consensus

Session 3D: Formal Methods

Session 3E: Fuzzing/Trusted Execution Environments

Session 4A: Post-Quantum Cryptography

Session 4B: Physical Attacks

Session 4C: Kernel Security

Session 4D: Distributed Protocols

Session 4E: Network Security

Session 5A: User Authentication

Session 5B: Secure Messaging and Key Exchange

Session 5C: Forensics

Session 5D: Secure Computation

Session 5E: Infrastructure Security

Session 6A: Signatures

Session 6B: Exploitation and Defenses

Session 6C: Side Channels

Session 6D: Web Security