CHI 1997: Atlanta, Georgia

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Finding What You Want I

Handy User Interfaces

Collaborative Communities I

Intelligent Support

Cognitive Models and Their Application

Beauty and The Beat

Input & Output in the Future

Extending The HCI Agenda

Bringing Users Into Design

Enhancing, Finding, & Integrating Audio

Collaborative Communities II

Beyond the Desktop

Enhancing The Direct Manipulation Interface

Designing Publishing and Scripting Multimedia Systems

Exploring Input

Papers About Paper

Designing for Learning

Information Structures

Finding What You Want II

Speech, Haptic, & Multimodal Input

Design Briefings

Simple, Small and Focused: Managing Personal Information

Understanding Users

Working with Stakeholders: Design Within and Among Organizations

Access to Knowledge: Libraries and Data Mining

Technical Notes

Collaborative Communities I

Input & Output in the Future

Extending The HCI Agenda

Beyond the Desktop

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