CIFEr 2014: London, UK

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Session 1B: Forecasting 1

Session 1C: Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis 1

Session 2A: Financial Markets 2

Session 3A: Financial Markets 3

Session 3B: Portfolios 2

Session 3C: Risk and Forecasting

Plenary: Poster Session

Session 4A: Volatility Modeling

Session 4B: Forecasting and Algorithmic Trading

Special Session 4C: Agent-Based Computational Economics 1

Session 5A: Derivative Pricing

Session 5B: Algorithmic Trading 1

Special Session 5C: Agent-Based Computational Economics 2

Session 6A: Hedging

Session 6B: Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Trading

Session 6C: Forecasting 2

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