22nd DEXA Workshops 2011: Toulouse, France

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First International Workshop on IT Service Management and Its Support (ITSMS 2011)

Keynote Abstract

Mission Critical IT

ITSM Implementation

Trends in Cloud Computing

Service Oriented-Architecture and ITSM

Third International Workshop on Database Technology Data Management in Life Sciences and Medicine (DBLM 2011)

Biological Applications

Medical Applications

Sixth International Workshop on Flexible Database and Information System Technology (FlexDBIST 2011)

Security and Privacy

Opinion Mining, Data Mining and OLAP

Query Processing and Database Integrity

Eighth International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval (TIR 2011)

Information Quality and Evolution

WWW and Semantic Web

Information Retrival and Web Search

Clustering and Classification

10th International Workshop on Web Semantics (WebS 2011)

Session I

Session II

Session III

First International Workshop on Information Systems for Situation Awareness and Situation Management (ISSASiM 2011)

Sensor Data Management for Situation Management

Process and Workflow Management for Situation Awareness

Knowledge Management in Structural Health Monitoring

First International Workshop on Data, Logic and Inconsistency (DALI 2011)

Paraconsistent Logics

Probabilistic and Argumentation-Based Logics


Second International Workshop on Interactive Multimodal Pattern Recognition in Embedded Systems (IMPRESS 2011)

Embedded Applications

Visual and Audio-Visual Systems

3D Systems

Second International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (BIOKDD 2011)

Session I

Session II

Session III

First International Workshop on Exploiting Large Knowledge Repositories (E-LKR 2011)

Life Science Scenerios

Business Intelligence Scenerios

First International Workshop on Ontologies Meeting Workflow for Enhancing Collaborative Process Management (OntoFlow 2011)

Session I

Session II

International Workshop on Recommender Systems Meet Databases (RSmeetDB 2011)

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