DMS 2008: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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DMS Papers

DMS-1 Distributed Multimedia Systems I

DMS-2 Distributed Multimedia Systems II

DMS-3 Distributed Multimedia Computing

DMS-4 Distributed Multimedia Systems III

DMS-5 Digital Home and Healthcare

DMS-6 Multimedia Software Engineering I

DMS-7 Multimedia Software Engineering II

DMS-8 Multimedia Software Engineering III

DMS-9 Emegrency Management and Security

DMS-10 Situated Computing

DMS-11 Multimedia and Geosystems

DMS-12 Content-based Multimedia Systems and Models

VLC Workshop

VLC-1 Visualization Techniques for Environmental and Cultural Heritage

VLC-2 Sketch Computing

VLC-3 Sketch Computing

VLC-4 Visual Models and Metaphors for Computational Process Visualization

DET Workshop

DET-1 Eclipse Open Source Ecosystem and E-learning

DET-2 Intelligent Resources for E-learning

DET-3 Distance Learning for Culture and Arts

DET-4 Educational Technologies Practical and New Learning Models

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