HICSS 1999: Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Track 1

New Curriculum and Courses

Collaboration Systems and Technology Track

The Adoption and Diffusion of Collaborative Systems and Technology

Asynchronous Learning Networks

Collaboration Technology: Theory & Methodology

Distributed Group Support Systems (DGSS)

Engineering Organizational Processes and Systems

Group Support Systems

Group Support Systems User Experience

Judge Advisor Systems Theory and Research and Applications to Collaborative Systems and Technology

Negotiation Support Systems: Frameworks, Implementations and Evaluations

Organizational Memory and Knowledge Management

Technologies for Knowledge Construction

Technology Supported Learning

Track 2

Digital Documents Track

Genre in Digital Documents

Session 1: Evolved Genres in Digital Documents

Session 2: Form and Function of Genres in Digital Documents

Session 3: Genres in Organizations

Session 4: Managing Digital Documents

Human Factors and Usability Issues

Persistent Conversation: Discourse as Document

Speculations: Documents in the Digital Culture

Understanding Digital Documents