1st LREC 1998, Granada, Spain

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Session A. Linguistic resources: general issues

Session B. Machine translation evaluation

Session C. Panel on the need for maintenance of language resources

Session D. Spoken language dialogue evaluation (1)

Session E. Lexical acquisition

Session F. Evaluation in NLP

Session G. Languages resources: poolicy issues

Session H. Spoken language dialogue evaluation (2)


Session I. Lexical projects (1)

Session J. Evaluation of tools and tools for evaluation

Session K. Speech processing and evaluation

Session L. Spoken language resources projects (1)

Session M. Lexical projects (2): semantic nets

Session N. Evaluation tokenizers, taggers, parsers

Session O. Corpus projects

Session P. L. Spoken language resources projects (2)

Session Q. Language resources: strategic issues


Session R. Ontologies and knowledge bases

Session S. Evaluation: tasks and components

Session T. Tools for NLP

Session U. Spoken language systems evaluation

Session W. Terminology

Session X. Treebanks

Session Y. Multilingual issues

Session Z. Spoken language systems and evaluation

Poster session 1. Lexicon