International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases (NLDB)

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  • has part: Workshop on NLP Applications: Completing the Puzzle (WNACP)

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24th NLDB 2019: Salford, UK

23rd NLDB 2018: Paris, France

22nd NLDB 2017: Liège, Belgium

21st NLDB 2016: Salford, UK

20th NLDB 2015: Passau, Germany

19th NLDB 2014: Montpellier, France

18th NLDB 2013: Salford, UK

17th NLDB 2012: Groningen, The Netherlands

16th NLDB 2011: Alicante, Spain

15th NLDB 2010: Cardiff, UK

14th NLDB 2009: Saarbrücken, Germany

13th NLDB 2008: London, UK

12th NLDB 2007: Paris, France

11th NLDB 2006: Klagenfurt, Austria

10th NLDB 2005: Alicante, Spain

NLDB 2005 Home Page

9th NLDB 2004: University of Salford, Manchester, UK

8th NLDB 2003: Burg (Spreewald) near to Cottbus, Germany

7th NLDB 2002: Stockholm, Sweden

Special Issue: Data Knowl. Eng. 48(2)

6th NLDB 2001: Madrid, Spain

5th NLDB 2000: Versailles, France

4th NLDB 1999: Klagenfurt, Austria

3rd NLDB 1997: Vancouver, British Columbia

2nd NLDB 1996: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reind P. van de Riet, J. F. M. Burg, A. J. van der Vos (Eds.) Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop (NLDB'96) Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 26-28th 1996. IOS Press, 1996, ISBN 90-5199-273-4
(contact person: J. F. M. Burg -

1st NLDB 1995: Versailles, France

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