8. PARA 2006: Umeå, Sweden

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Keynote Papers

Minisymposia Papers

Stretching Time and Length Scales in Biomolecular Modelling

Recent Advances in Dense Linear Algebra

CFD Applications for High Performance Computing

HPC Environments: Visualization and Parallelization Tools

Tools, Frameworks and Applications for High Performance Computing

Grid Data Management

Simulations in Geophysics and Space Physics

Tools for Parallel Performance Analysis

Grids for Scientific Computing

Simulations of Materials

Novel Data Formats and Algorithms for Dense Linear Algebra Computations

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Scientific Visualization and HPC Applications

Software Tools for Parallel CFD Applications

Multi-scale Physics

Contributed Papers

Partial Differential Equations

Grid Computing

Parallel Scientific Computing Algorithms

Linear Algebra

Simulation Environments

Algorithms and Applications for Blue Gene/L